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The STUDENTdirect Foundationfosters leadership, goodwill, culture, and diversity. We advocate humanitarian aid through fundraising providing STUDENTdirect Volunteersgrants to act as STUDENTdirect Ambassadorsabroad providing supervision and direction.


Grants will further be used to promote educational awareness and sustainability in third-world communities through reputable non-profit organizations. To sustain the Foundation's cause we have created a multi-media membership organization of which provides real-life applications for students who are active members. By creating this learning environment, we cultivate the leaders of tomorrow.


Further we provide programs in line with our mission, " improve students educational experience, promote cultural diversity as well as the values necessary of future leaders. To enhance students learning experience beyond the classroom by providing practical experience and to build their resume and portfolio by solving real world problems". To conclude, our publications and productions offers students a wide variety of options when it comes to pursuing their interests and goals.


"Shape a student, shape the future"



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For those who are interested in making a difference and in helping communities in need through systematic change we have a wide range of volunteer opportunities.


We welcome you to join our team in our international mission. Please join one of our causes and help us in "Initiating Community Action".


 - STUDENTdirect Foundation



A Message to Our Donors

"You have our sincere gratitude, your donations help support and fund our organization's operations.

Your contributions are beneficial as it helps with maintaining our programs and in extending our reach to educators and communities who have a strong desire to lean and are invested in their youth.


What the foundation does through its various programs is an important outlet to future generrations, as such what we do to help them develop further is of importance. In addition to your donation, we value your continuous effort in advocating our cause.


Thank you for believing in our work; we are grateful."

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Behind the Scenes


  • We organize and educate our Student Community through well-produced events! 
  • Further we appreciate all the support we get from our donors.
  • Without them, MECA Entertainmentwould not be what it is today.

Message from our Chairman


I thank you for taking an interest in what was once a Greater Los Angeles Area initiative to where we are now, an organization with volunteers in multiple countries.


STUDENTdirect Charitable Foundation's growth is due to the many volunteers ranging from students, teachers, parents, community organizers, business leaders, organizational sponsors, and trusted donors.


They have been very helpful on this journey that was filled with many obstacles. I've outlined this in my January message if you want to learn more. Please do not hesitate to provide me with feedback.


Joshua Chit Tun