"Initiating Community Action"



Quotes You have my sincere gratitude for providing MECA Entertainment with a donation to help support and fund our company operations. MECA Entertainment covers all aspects of Music, Film and Photography and provides networking and intern openings for artists to express and build their artistic visions. Your contribution is beneficial because it helps us with our ever expanding equipment costs, company expansion and in creating a comfortable and enjoyable environment for our clients and members. Art is such an important outlet for the youth and having the proper tools to provide them with opportunities to grow is important. In addition to your donation, we value your continuous effort in referring potential interns for our program. Thank you for believing in our work, we're grateful. Quotes
Executive Director
MECA Entertainment

Quotes Think about it, what student wouldn't want a place where they can get funding for their endeavors, meet new people, volunteer in their communities and be hands-on in planning events and watching them flourish. Students will develop a sense of gratification, and ultimately self realization and fulfillment. Also, STUDENT direct Org is a multi-million dollar business/idea. You can imagine the prestige you'll acquire by founding STUDENT direct Org on your campus. It looks great on a resume and it will provide you with a first-hand experience of leadership that textbooks can't offer. So the message is simple....START STUDENT direct Org on your campus. Quotes
Derrick Gary
STUDENTdirect Organization Cal State LA, chapter

Quotes My name is Ramon Barajas III, i have been apart of the Multi Ethnic Cultural Association for about 2 years now. I currently hold a responsibility with the STUDENT direct Organization as a Volunteer Coordinator. This internship has taught me a lot. Interning for the STUDENT direct Organization has really impacted my life. Through the STUDENTdirect Charitable Foundation i was able to open new doors that i never would have imagined would be their if it wasn't for this Internship opportunity. I am forever grateful. Many of my goals and dreams came true thanks to this opportunity. I am confident that the individuals involved in this will accomplish big things in life. Quotes
Ramon Barajas III
STUDENT direct Organization Glendale Community College, chapter

Quotes Joining the STUDENT direct orgs was the best decision I made in college. One day I was approached by an upperclassman who told me about the org and invited me to one of their meetings. Since then I became all involved. I started off as a director in marketing (my major at the time) I learned a lot and was able to gain hands on experience. The next year I changed and became a vice president of advertising, my time as vp of advertising was spent developing advertising campaigns for all of our orgs fundraising events. Where else in college can you gain this type of experience? It was valuable and looked great on my resume. I was able to intern and land the job that I wanted. I am so glad that my school had a STUDENT direct org chapter to help me on my path to success. Quotes
STUDENT direct Organization Cal State Northridge, chapter

Quotes This month we acknowledge and promote the cultural diversity that exists among us. As you take a look around, think of what you see, think of all your friends, and think of how amazing it is to be in such a diverse world. We all have different backgrounds, different families, different stories--but we all have one thing in common: our friendship. This month we celebrate our differences and realize that no matter where we come from, what we look like, or who we love, we are all friends. We all possess the power to help, to learn, to give, to love, and to grow, and if we do this together then we are unstoppable! Especially in a group like the Multi Ethnic Cultural Association where our main goal is to help each other, it's hard to look around and not be happy for what we have. So take the time to acknowledge our differences and let's celebrate them this month! :) Quotes
Krysten Ceballos
STUDENT direct Organization Cal State Long Beach, chapter

Quotes I would like to thank each and everyone of you for taking part in all the programs offered through the STUDENTdirect Charitable Foundation. Your contributions were so valuable in the efforts to pilot such programs whether it be dance, film, music, photography, leadership etc. We will continue to run such programs you took part in, however it will be administered through the STUDENT direct Organization. We will be acquiring grants and sponsors to finance the programs, events, and projects, furthermore all documents, forms, etc. will be listed on and in the future we will initiate a $15 bi-yearly membership due which will be transacted through the STUDENTdirect Leadership Team. By doing this, we will be making provisions to acquire facilities, supplies, equipment, venues, scholarships, stipends, etc. In general these changes will be of benefit to both you and the foundation. Thank you for your time. Quotes
Joshua Chit Tun
STUDENT direct Organization Pasadena City College, chapter