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Joshua Chit Tun, Chairman

Joined Oct 17 2011
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34 years old
STUDENTdirect International
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I love everything about student affairs and community service. This is one of the reasons why I am a part of STUDENTdirect International. Where I am today is clearly because of all the opportunities I enrolled for while attending school.

In general I support education and community. My focus study was business, and further I have an interest in the Performing and Visual Arts. I am very ambitious. Look forward to meeting interesting and diverse groups of people.

Current Involvement: I advise the Board of Directors of STUDENTdirect. I am the Chairman of the STUDENTdirect Charitable Foundation, the Founder of STUDENTdirect Productions, a co- Founder of STUDENTdirect Publications, a co- Founder of STUDENTdirect Studios, and a co- Founder of STUDENTdirect International. I provide oversight to both the ICA Displaced Initiative and STUDENTdirect Youth Initiative as a Strategic Advisor. I also serve as the Director of the following programs: Initiating Community Action, Multi Ethnic Cultural Association, and MECA Entertainment.

I love to volunteer, feel free to contact me if you have a specified project that is of benefit to STUDENTdirect and its general student community.