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Student Relations

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  1. 10 STUDENTdirect International, chapters
  2. 5 STUDENTdirect International Regional Managers
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  1. 3 community facilities
  2. $100,000 operational budget
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The mission of the STUDENTdirect Charitable Foundation is to improve students educational experience, promote cultural diversity as well as the values necessary of future leaders. To enhance students learning experience beyond the classroom by providing practical experience and to build their resume and portfolio by solving real world problems.

"Shape a student, shape the future."

At the STUDENTdirect Charitable Foundation we firmly believe that if you can change a student you can affect the future. Students have so much potential and we are here to assist them along their way of reaching their potential. We believe that students will one day be the future leaders of the world.

"We believe in constant improvement."

In our Organization, in the collegiate chapters, and within each individual. We thrive on change and improvement, we welcome the challenges that face a growing multi-national Organization.

"We believe in the Value of feedback."

Keeping in line with our value constant improvement we love it when our members, mentors, and advisors give us feedback on what we do good and ways we can improve.

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