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Advisor Gagan Bisla

Joined Oct 16 2011
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Major/Field of Study:

Health Information Management

2 Short-Term Goals:

1. Graduate by the end of 2014 with Bachelor’s in Health Information Management

2. Enroll into a Master’s Degree in Health Administration (MHA) by 2015

3. Own an Audi A4


2 Long-Term Goals:

1. Become a director of a department in a hospital.

2. Keep learning and advancing in Health Information Management

3. Give back to the community such as through teaching, charity, etc.


What I Can Do, What I Want to Do, What I Will Do, What I Have Done:

What I Can Do?

I can advise, strategize, and volunteer.

What I Want to Do?

I would like to improve upon photography skills and dance since I truly enjoy both. Furthermore, I would like to give back to the community in any way possible such as through teaching, helping those in need, etc. because education is very important in today’s society and in the future especially if you would to have a successful career.

What I Will Do?

I will be committed to helping those in need accomplish their goals such as through advising and directing them to the appropriate resources that are available within the organization. Furthermore, I will help to expand this organization within Canada and the United States.

What I Have Done?


Current or Previous School:

Davenport University

Current Education:

Health Information Management

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