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As a journalist for STUDENTdirect Publications and any other printed or digital publication under its management, it is important to understand how the interview process works. 

The following is a guideline template as to how a journalist, in this case student can understand the process of how an interview is turned into an article for a publication.

1) The journalist in this case the student, will find the subject and contact the subject for an interview story. 

2) As a journalist of STUDENTdirect Publications, you have a unique communication tool to your advantage, which comes in the form of an email solution. 

3) As an official journalist on staff for STUDENTdirect Publications, you can utilize this email solution to be in contact with organizations, schools, students, educators, businesses, etc to pursue your story.

4) Once a subject is found, the journalist will communicate with subject via our email solution which in this case will look like the following Example (

5) During the process, the journalist will send our interview questionnaire via email, which you can access via our FAQ under discussions for STUDENTdirect Publications.

6) As for press for your story, the journalist can consider one of two ways:


  • The subject if applicable can submit photos, videos, websites, presskits, to the journalist. All content provided must include permission from the creators of that content, in order to be accepted.

  • The journalist can organize a photo session with the subject via your schools press team     which should include a photographer. In which a photo release form will be necessary. 



7) Once all information is delivered, the journalist will follow up to make sure everything is in order.

8 ) Once all content is returned properly and in order, content can be organized to create a story and submitted to our editorial team to for review. 

9) Upon your story being approved, you will be notified and you will be able to publish the story with STUDENTdirect Publications and or with the proper publication under its management. 

10) Once published, it is important to have a marketing strategy to promote your story. It is important that as a journalist you are familiar with social media and email marketing to have an effective press release.

*Note when developing an article with your team do so on YoungINC.LA via the following link,

Add Announcement. Do tag your announcement as it applies to your school, program, category, topic, etc. 

For example, Eagle Rock High School, Eagle Rock High Girls Basketball, Sports, Fundraiser.When you do submit your article to do provide the direct YoungINC.LA link to your article. 

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Joshua Chit Tun, Chairman
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I am more than willing to assist in the process!


Joshua Chit Tun

STUDENTdirect Charitable Foundation, Chairman

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