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STUDENTdirect (Code of Conduct)





"Preparing Tomorrow's Leaders."


We are a global organization that empowers students to shape their communities through leadership and service. To give students practical and hands on job training experience that enhances their education.


The following is a statement of policies and procedures regarding our code of conduct.



Did you know at STUDENTdirect?


  • A personal file is kept on every participant.
  • Reports are submitted weekly by the appropriate coordinators and your respective chapter's leadership.
  • Anytime you are contacted by any representative of STUDENTdirect in an official capacity an assessment form is completed.
  • Items that are kept in your personal file may include:


  1. Your Application
  2. Your Assessment Forms
  3. Your Weekly Reports
  4. Your signed copy of the appropriate Release Forms
  5. Your signed copy of the appropriate Confidentiality Agreement Form
  6. Your signed copy of the Conflict of Interest Policy Form
  7. Your signed copy of any other Agreement Forms pertaining to your involvement
  8. Your Certificate of Completion, eg. "Leadership Diversity Development Workshop" series
  9. Any other information that documents your participation in STUDENTdirect
  10. Your Letter of Recommendation


  • Participants are evaluated weekly, Programs are evaluated monthly, Initiatives/ campaigns quarterly.
  • Any project or mobilization of any kind, a business plan is required or must have proper authorization.
  • Any meetings that takes place in an official capacity a Work Group Agenda is required. Such meeting discussion topics are formatted into the weekly report.
  • Reports are submitted to the appropriate supervisor. Such leadership will condense and present all reports in the regular Executive Board Meeting.
  • Minutes of all Executive Board Meetings are posted regularly.
  • Any Business Plan that is approved, moves forward with three standing committees:


- Executive


- Finance


- Operations




We have three current campaigns:


STUDENTdirect Youth Initiative, ICA Displaced Initiative, and Healthy Living Initiative. Each of our campaigns consist of an Advisory Board, Executive, Finance, and Operations committees, and the following departments: Administration, Finance, and Operations.


The following four divisions make up the STUDENTdirect Charitable Foundation: STUDENTdirect International, STUDENTdirect Publications, STUDENTdirect Studios, and STUDENTdirect Productions.


We operate and manage the following programs: Initiating Community Action, Multi Ethnic Cultural Association, and MECA Entertainment.



Funding and support for projects, programs, events, activities, etc. is provided in one of the following forms:


  1. STUDENTdirect Scholarship Project
  2. STUDENTdirect Pre- Internship Project
  3. STUDENTdirect Performing and Visual Arts Project
  4. STUDENTdirect Save the World Project




Any applicant that proves themselves worthy, has a clear understanding of the Foundation's ethics and principles, works hard, and is diligent in all their duties can and will move up in the Organization.


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Joshua Chit Tun, Chairman
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We do all of this, so to better evaluate and recommend!


Joshua Chit Tun

STUDENTdirect Charitable Foundation, Chairman

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