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The STUDENTdirect Pre- Internship Program (SdPIP) offers undergraduate, graduate, and post graduate students an opportunity to gain practical work experience through a paid/ unpaid internship related to their academic field of study or area of interest.


The SdPIP program provides an opportunity for students to learn about the media industry while making a social impact as they apply classroom theories and concepts to real world problems.


The types of internship opportunities offered to college/ high school interns may include but are not limited to: human resources, marketing, advertisement, operations, finance, public outreach, general business, international relations, and administration.


SdPIP intern assignments are reviewed every six months; an intern has an opportunity to work up to a maximum of two years in his/ her assignment. An intern can submit an application with resume and cover letter at any time.


Applicants can forward their resume with a cover letter to:


STUDENTdirect Pre- Internship Program Coordinator

Human Resources Department






To qualify for the STUDENTdirect Pre- Internship Program, applicants must meet the following criteria:


Officially be enrolled. In addition, the intern must maintain a cumulative GPA of at least 2.0, for those enrolled in an undergraduate program of study 2.5, or a 3.0 for those enrolled in a graduate program of study.



Terms and Conditions


An internship at STUDENTdirect can be a paid or unpaid assignment, and does not guarantee employment with the agency.

STUDENTdirect does not provide benefits, vacation pay, holiday pay, or overtime pay for interns.

All interns must adhere to STUDENTdirect's dress code and observe all safety rules and regulations at all times.

All prospective interns are subject to STUDENTdirect's pre- employment screenings including criminal background check and drug/ alcohol toxicity test before being placed.


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Joshua Chit Tun, Chairman
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I have grown to appreciate STUDENTdirect's Pre- Internship Program. Their performance exceeds that of an average employee.


Joshua Chit Tun

STUDENTdirect Charitable Foundation, Chairman

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