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STUDENTdirect (Underwriting Best Practices)


Here are five core question sets for each team member to consider:

1. Why do I need funds from other individuals or agencies?

2. What organization, mission or program am I advocating? Plus, ask oneself "who am I as a person and member of the group I am advocating?"

3. Why are you contacting the specific prospect? What will their support accomplish for the donor? community? advocacy group or cause? nation?

4. How much do you need? How much and when (e.g. amount, "king of giving",frequency of giving, etc.) do you need support?

5. Ask, "Would the donor like to see or visit the advocacy program in action?"


Whatever the outcome immediately thank the prospect for her/his time and consideration.


Financial Goal: _________________________

Date: ______________________

Process: Business Attire, email attachments, call (leave a message), schedule meeting with person in charge,

Provide a Personal Statement for business

Template Thank You Letters

Talk to more than one person, the more groups you contact the more likely you’ll secure a sponsor check

Offer businesses advertisement/incentive – they provide us a underwriting check, we advertise on our program, etc.

find sponsors from large scale community events

high quality advertisements on programming/ materials, etc.

“we’re an advertising firm”

Note: Include LETTERS, with letterheads, etc.

Leave callback numbers, email, and full name

Attempt to secure monetary donation first, then product (gift in kind), then advertisement (in their place of business)

Create different tiers for monetary goals

Remember: What is the objective of the group? Why do you want to raise money?

Let businesses know: Students want to intern, qualify for scholarships, study abroad, enroll in early job placement.


STUDENTdirect Publications

(Underwriting Program)


STUDENTdirect Publications provides opportunities for local organizations, non-profits and businesses to become underwriters. Underwriters provide the financial support needed to produce the project and help give students exceptional hands-on experience. Underwriters receive promotional spots on STUDENTdirect Publications telecasts, webcasts, and podcasts. Underwriters are also listed on the mySTUDENTdirect website. Promotional spots can be produced for you if your organization does not have a pre-produced spot. Below is some additional information and samples.

We offer:

a 30-second promo spot| a 4-second graphic spot

For more information on STUDENTdirect Publications underwriter packages please contact

Underwriting 30-second video spot:

Underwriters provide the financial support needed to produce the project. Underwriters receive a 30-second “spot” on STUDENTdirect Publications telecasts, Web casts, and podcasts. A “spot” is a 30-second video segment that highlights your department, program or organization. Every 30-second spot is produced under your direction. STUDENTdirect Publications staff writes, shoot and edit promos. After the video is produced clients can use the finished promo any way they wish. Many clients include their promos on their Web pages or on social media sites.

4-second graphic spot:

In addition to playing the video piece, underwriters are also listed on the mySTUDENTdirect site and a 4-second underwriting graphic will appear before each of our online story segments.

You can use the produced spot in a variety of ways:

Our clients are free to use the produced piece in a variety of applications.

Closed Captioning Provide financial support for closed captioning, will be listed as a sponsor for contribution.

"Closed Captioning(or abbreviated: CC) and subtitling are both processes of displaying text on a television, video screen, or other visual display to provide additional or interpretive information. Closed captions typically show a transcription of the audio portion of a program as it occurs (either verbatim or in edited form), sometimes including non-speech elements." - Wikipedia


Sponsor Level





Tax deductible donation

Display of company logo and link on Haunted House website’s sponsors area

Affiliation with Eagle Rock Jr./Sr. High School

Display of company logo on Haunted House brochure given to guest at event

Media attention from press that attends and promotes event.



All the benefits of the bronze level

Display of company logo on sponsor Haunted House fliers and posters.

Invited to attend all Haunted House production set-ups

Receive Haunted House updates and newsletters via email about the progress of the Haunted House



All the benefits of the bronze and silver levels

Priority consideration for all ERHS 
professional events

Invited to special thank you event for sponsorships

Invited to behind-the-scenes guided sneak peek at the Haunted House the day of the event


1) Business Plan (Strongly Suggested when Fundraising)

2) Press Release (Strongly Suggested when Securing Partnerships)

Wishing you all the best in all your endeavors.

- STUDENTdirect International

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Feel free to ask me questions, I am very familiar with this topic.


Joshua Chit Tun

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