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Annual Report - Moving Forward: 2/25/2015

Posted by STUDENTdirect International™ on August 12, 2015 at 9:25 PM

As I think of what 2015 has to offer to the STUDENTdirect Charitable Foundation and as we embark on our third year being an organized non-profit; I am adamant that we must do the following and consider its impact on us as an organization and for the communities we represent.


But before I mention such progression, I would like to thank all that JBM Community has done this past year in 2014. They have been quite generous and have facilitated many of our programs in its development. A full summary will be made available. I would like to continue this relationship as we enter into 2015, and enter with JBM Community a formal agreement that they will represent our best interests at large, that they will foster on our behalf strategic alliances, that they would continue to maintain the expansions of our chapters in regards to Initiating Community Action and STUDENTdirect International, and to conclude they will review all policies that the board sets and assist our executive leadership in following through with such agendas, and in general they will manage all funds pertaining to the STUDENTdirect Charitable Foundation.


For their efforts reasonable compensation will be arranged, but it is clear to me that JBM Community's involvement is crucial as we grow to become an even more efficient organization. Not only are we their client but also their partner, so please keep this in mind as we move forward.


Further all data that is relevant that can be found on will be migrating to YoungINC.LA. We are adopting YoungINC.LA to better organize students in their building of resumes, content creation, and brand development. I am very pleased with what YoungINC.LA is today, partly due to the joint efforts of STUDENTdirect Publications and JB Entertainment Group. All those involved must make an account on YoungINC.LA to be recognized for their involvement with the STUDENTdirect Charitable Foundation.


In general for our programs Initiating Community Action and the Multi Ethnic Cultural Association we are looking into the development of 1-Solutions.Org, I feel that with such a software solution we may better organize our grassroots efforts. Once more this will be a joint venture between STUDENTdirect Publications and JB Entertainment Group. I look forward in this as it will help us do more as an organization and leverage existing non-profits and grass roots groups to partner in our need to change the world.


On a different matter it being a new year I will highlight the new management for 2015. Cameron Coe and Derrick Gary will serve as interim C.E.O. and C.O.O.. As for my staff it consists of Dorian Hampton for operations, Jafet Vallejos for public relations, and Thomas Solanga for marketing. In regards to board members and advisory members it is listed in the appropriate sections, further leadership of chapters are outlined as such by each chapter. As for our programs Initiating Community Action, Multi Ethnic Cultural Association, and MECA Entertainment it is the following Executive Directors: Christina Gasparian, Kimberly Antezana, Rome David.


In the way to best operate, all our branded pages on YoungINC.LA is thorough and has a variety of information and solutions that one can implement. Further feel free to communicate as such on the appropriate branded pages to become more familiar in how we are operating as an international organization in 2015.


I wish you all the best.




Joshua Chit Tun, Chairman

STUDENTdirect Charitable Foundation

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