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STUDENTdirect's Annual Executive Meeting: 1/14/2015

Posted by STUDENTdirect International™ on August 12, 2015 at 8:55 PM



To Review the following: Operations, Public Relations, and Marketing.

How do we recognize volunteers and interns.

How do we better communicate on YoungINC.LA

How do we build our resume.

Discuss upcoming events and securing funds for tax exemption, stipends to award interns, and grants to produce events.

In regards to events how will we leverage Zero to 60, MECA Entertainment, and Kizomba Nation LA.


* Bring laptop, further we will be making calls to leadership throughout STUDENTdirect International.


Thank you.


- Joshua Chit Tun


Meeting commenced at 3:36pm.

The following Team Members were present - Joshua Chit Tun, Cameron Coe, and Dorian Hampton.

Excused Absences - Rome David, Derrick Gary, and Brian Antezana.



We moved forward with the following:


In order to raise funds effectively we would need to continue to produce events however moving forward it would be done in the following manner; presented by YoungINC.LA, hosted by the following Zero to 60, Kizomba Nation LA, and Safe Streets, event will be organized by MECA Entertainment with STUDENTdirect Productions, we would partner with groups such as Rotary International, Kiwanis International, Lions International, sponsors will be in association with local chambers of commerce.


Thought process was to ensure a large turnout no matter the variables. Further funding must be secured prior by those who are committed in producing event before event is approved. An Indiegogo campaign will be created in conjunction with this, showing transparency and support.


Further additional indiegogo campaigns will be created for the following: 1) Scholarships, stipends, grants for the Youth and Displaced Initiative. 2) A general donations campaign relevant to the event.


In regards to tickets we would use eventbrite, further events will either take place Thursday or Saturday nights.


Admission will be free if they sign up through one of our partnered groups, if not 5 dollars.


Food, drinks, and merchandise can be sold at events.



In regards to Zero to 60 we will be rebranding the page and securing more sponsors. We contacted Elite Dream Cars about sponsorship opportunities however they only do two events (RPM Car Meet up and Morning Octane) and they are not looking for sponsors, further they have not consider doing more than those events. We concluded that we will send email with more info, but at this moment it doesn't seem they are in a position to work with us.


So we are considering improving our relations with Exotic Car Collection by Enterprise. In general the sponsorship will function as product placement at events as well photo activity (magazine, lifestyle, and candid photo ops)


Attendees will share photos with the event hashtag, STUDENTdirect hashtag, YoungINCLA hashtag, and sponsors hashtag (This will create some type of social media buzz)


Zero to 60 will leverage this to create Zero to 60 car clubs at high schools, top students in the club will receive .LA stickers - decals that can be place on their cars, the qr code will go to the Zero to 60 website on YoungINC.LA


As students join this we would create a yo yo music video, something that has already been in discussion (car shop, year book, dessert, two McLaren juxtaposed, gq - gentleman quarterly)


This promotional video will be used in the outreach email when students sign up for YoungINC.LA via


To conclude we would consider Zero to 60 branded apparel - caps and t-shirts.


As for safe streets via STUDENTdirect Productions the following will be done: web design, logo development, video concept, clear message PSA.


In regards to Kizomba Nation LA we will be taking a few classes and promoting this dance movement at weekly events that happen all over LA. Kizomba is a cool dance craze that we want to integrate and advocate at all our events. Zero to 60 to create social media buzz. Safe Streets to address our concerns with street racing.


For every event our goal is to raise 2,000 dollars of which we would award two 500 dollar stipends to interns, in addition two 250 dollar scholarships to those who volunteer for the displaced initiative, the remaining 500 dollars ( 100 dollars will go towards our annual homeless gala and 200 dollars to two soup kitchens for their monthly operations) This is the breakdown per event to leverage each dollar for maximized impact.


Moving forward we understood to be a successful non-profit we needed to secure grants. These are the following groups we would reach out to: College Access Foundation, MacArthur Foundation, Broad Foundation, Target, Disney, Microsoft, Chase, and Sara Blakely.


The process is we would need to prove we are a public charity, this will be done by doing events in surrounding communities - public support.


We would also need to finish all tax related paperwork.


Board members need to coordinate fundraisers, we suggested that Raymond Thu spearheads this.


To conclude we would need to draft an updated Operation Plan that includes covering compensation.


Meeting lasted approximately little over two hours of which we approved the strategy of how events should be produced, that STUDENTdirect would utilize YoungINC.LA to coordinate and recognize volunteers as well build resumes, tasks were assigned to the Executive Office, conference calls were done to the following: Elite Dream Cars, Brian Hipolito to follow up on Barristar and Luminosity two pending productions, and Luke Belmonte in regards to Beauty Boys and following operation protocols.


Further feedback was given on Lot 310, we agreed it did not meet STUDENTdirect criteria or YoungINC.LA's.


Things we would be resolving during the week: better communication and clarity on pending items, branded startup pages on YoungINC.LA, new recruits, the unveiling of the sign up feature on YoungINC.LA, the promotion of Kizomba Nation LA



Joshua Chit Tun, Chairman
STUDENTdirect Charitable Foundation

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