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Endorsing: Bola Ige Alabi Efeshodiamhe for Commonwealth Youth Council

Posted by STUDENTdirect International™ on July 14, 2015 at 9:15 PM

This is a letter of recommendation for Bola Ige Alibi Efeshodiamhe who has been very involved with STUDENTdirect Charitable Foundation in its development and expansion. He was crucial in coordinating Initiating Community Action volunteers in nations in Africa. Further he is taking on a leadership role with STUDENTdirect International as its President, and in the past four years maintain his role in the STUDENT direct Organization as Chief Executive Officer of the Africa territories. Bola Ige Alibi Efeshodiamhe is an individual who is responsible, organized, analytical, and makes good decisions upon thorough research. As the Chairman of STUDENTdirect Charitable Foundation, it is required of me to work closely with Bola Ige, the President of STUDENTdirect International. I work with him in the efforts of coordinating international effort. Two areas we are focused on is the STUDENTdirect Youth Initiative and ICA Displaced Initiative. During the duration of his commitment, he has brought so much to the non-profit components of STUDENTdirect. Not only does he play a key role in strategizing and implementing the functionality of the organization’s outreach policy and efforts when it comes to those displaced, but also the value that students bring to our efforts. With much research, these policies have helped the organization operate more efficiently and as such, we are prepared to do amazing things with a variety of organizations. Around the world, we are leveraging Initiating Community Action volunteers, one of the many tasks Bola Ige helps me manage through our software applications.


With Bola Ige’s involvement, the STUDENTdirect Charitable Foundation has benefited greatly, and I feel that specific groups in the Commonwealth Youth Council will likewise. Bola Ige Alabi exemplifies what hard working and diligent youth can achieve. As such, as I transition from the non-profit forum to politics while understanding the many challenges of leadership, I look forward in seeing Bola Ige's leadership flourish in strong moral values and principles, that which he can achieve as a leader at Commonwealth Youth Council. Further, I want to continue to surround myself with individuals like Bola Ige Alabi, those who strive to be stewards with the best interest of others in mind. Individuals experience discrimination all the time, and Bola Ige Alibi Efeshodiamhe knows this very well as he has championed this for others. When we reach out to those who are displaced, it becomes very difficult for many volunteers, as problems with the displaced comes from remain within, abandonment being one of the issues. Where volunteers fail to relate because they presume that those who are displaced have families to fall on, Bola Ige Alabi understands the complexity of these cases as his personal and professional experiences moves him to act accordingly.


Humanity requires ever so more of those like Bola Ige Alabi who show a strong interest to do what is just as change is a must. With the qualities portrayed through the current programs Bola Ige is involved with, I know he could take on future responsibilities as an international leader and as such move him to address global human right issues. In general, I am inspired by his continued progression for higher learning and his steadfast commitment to be the voice where there is none.


Joshua Chit Tun
STUDENTdirect Charitable Foundation, Chairman


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