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ERHS ICA Meeting Notes: October 21, 2013

Posted by Eagle Rock High School Initiating Community Action on April 28, 2014 at 12:10 AM

-Never presume who you're friends with/ who you put your energy with

-Never discriminate group of people.

-Always have a clear mind when you make a decision and know how the decision processes.

-Don’t be a consumer

Determination, Visualization, Execution


-There will be obstacles

-extra research for people who want help

-”Interested? Here’s our offer.”

-Understand, don’t be nervous, not sure


-Talk to groups of people

*More teams we play, the better we become

-Measurement is used to reassure failures

-Only one to determine failure is ourselves.

-Were the only ones to know our own goals

-Never not feel confident.

*Can’t give up during the “4th quarter”

-Know your consequences


-Everything is an evaluation

-fail at one? Then create a new one.

-Power: ability to control

-Power vs. Wealth (Intelligence vs. Money)

-Realize who has wealth and a connection

-If you ask for money, they’re give advise, if you ask for advise, they’ll give you money

-Never think about the materialistic things, but think more of the percentage

-Asking for advise= a part of their journey

-Never look down on someone if they say no

-Advise is more valuable than money

-If they can’t give money, they’ll give something else

Ex. Shirts, advise, hats, etc.

-Have to analyze to execute

-There is no bad answer. It’s what you make of it.

-Take what is given

-Never come unprepared

-Good to know data of company

Ex. Chase, Disney corp., etc

-Always personal

-”Simply because you’re amazing!”

-Understand and don’t be afraid because they also have goals to meet

-Acknowledge their involvements & achievements. THANK THEM.

-Compliment to open a story

-VP afraid of shareholder

-Ask for more

Ex. Instead of $250 ask for $500

-Don’t give a list, but give 2 to 3 things that may be exciting for them

Ex. Uniforms, Florida, shooting gun, etc

-Ask to give something in $ value

Ex. Dave’s Chillin & Grillin; give something with their name; Put company in path even if they cannot provide

-”You can help us. Be a part of our team.”

-Learn from failures

-If they say no it’s due to a bad PR

-Introduce with each other

-Level of sponsors: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum

-Help with introducing contacts/connections

-Become a priority of foundations

-EMOTION is the biggest draw

*There are 3 other groups competing

-Do not run down fact sheet, only highlight at least 3

-Bring representor in and let them bring you in.

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